tape-anim2.gif (22665 bytes) Video Tapes by Torben Soeborg

1. Living-Room / Living Room?
2. But The Subway is Moving ...
3. I Am That I Am (Version I)
4. Man Cut by Window
5. Figures in Room
6. The Wishbook ... Page 326
7. Video: Ceci est la Couleur
8. One More Aloha
9. Distance de Fée: l´Heur des Traces
10. Far Out in the Wide Open Sea...
11. Giardino Magico
12. La Cryptomnesie de la Mer
13. I Am That I Am (Version II)
14. L´Espace entre A et B est infini
15. Les Demoiselles de Buenos Aires
16. ... that Belgrade
17. Peace in Our Time
18. La rencontre étrange sur le globe terrestre
19. Field, ca. 2 square meters

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