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Produced 1985
Duration: 5:30 min.
Master format: High Band U-matic
Credits: Music by Ole Hyldgaard
All other credits: Torben Soeborg
Production: Video Factory, Haslev, Denmark
Produced at video workshop/HASLEV, Haslev, Denmark

We live in a world, feeling surrounded by video: music video clips on every TV-channel - almost. some nights two or three channels have MTV (Music Television) at the same time or just following each other. You see part of a video on one channel, flip to the next and see the beginning of that same video - and get the end on the third channel.
All these videos melt together in your mind: make their own story, get their own life, a meta life of video:
What is life? . what is video? - is it real or ... surreal?

Maans Wrange: "Notes on Time and Space"
in SIKSI Nordic Art Review, No. 4, 1987, Helsinki, Finland, 1989. page 35:
"The effect of the IMPLOSIVE media boom on our grasp of time is reflected in Torben Soeborg's VIDEO, CECI EST LA COULEUR, 1985. In a sequence taken in a living-room we INDIRECTLY see a film being shown on the television. Gradually the TV screen is zoomed until it covers the whole picture surface. Suddenly the film cuts DIRECTLY onto the video, and there is a dislocation between two fictive times in a single picture sequence."

Distribution & on sale: The artist & THE DANISH VIDEO ART DATA BANK

1 min. video clip
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