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Produced 1994
Duration: 6:20 min.
Credits: Text by Allen Ginsberg
All other credits: Torben Soeborg
Production: Video Facotry, Haslev, Denmark
Produced at video workshop/HASLEV, Denmark

A face of a man coming close to or away from the video camera, in focus or out of focus.
Electronic music and recitation of a few lines from Allen Ginsberg's poem: The Change: Kyoto Tokyo Express.
A surreal interpretation of the question. "Who am I?"
and Ginsberg's "answer": "In this dream I am the Dreamer ... I am that I am ..."

This tape received a Special Prize at RETINA'98 V international Film & Video Festival, Szigetvár, Hungary

(1 min. video clip / Windows Media Player)

NB: See also tape 13 for version I of "I AM THAT I AM"

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